by writer in the dark


Today I want to talk to you about your blog

As I mentioned before, after winter session I wasn’t reading it promptly. I am sorry about that, it is an interesting and fun read.

It seem to light things I could have done better to swoon you. A thousand maybes run laps on my head. I know at the end of the day it is pointless to obsess over the past but I can’t really help it, you should understand.

An adventurer, a free spirit, that is you, and maybe when you met me that was me too, or at least you thought it was. If I was I can see I lost my way, ventured into the forest of monotony and never found my way out. complacency is a mighty foe, makes you think you are winning as you are on a one way trip to the mat; one, two…ten, knock out.  I have lost this match but my spirit is still embers, waiting for the gust of wind carrying your melody to blaze this forest asunder; like the phoenix, new, reinvigorated.

I am glad, as you keep our adventure under fond memories. I still worry though, as your words cherish the old but crave for the new; I stand here as the former wanting to be the latter. They say the phoenix is born anew but is it still the same old phoenix? Is knowledge, is strength enough to be new, to overcome this wall?

What I love most about your words is their qualities, they are powerful, they are sweet, they are vivid but not overwhelming. They represent a caring humble soul. They say self-centered but do not realize the modifiers next to them. “I” + “care” + “love” +”share” +”give” do not mean what you tried to covey. they do lack confidence, like elementary-schoolers say, takes one to know one. So trust me. I will hypocritically ask you to be more confident because you are a lot greater than you give yourself credit for, not without fault but pretty amazing nevertheless.

I can’t wait to read the next bit of you; fill my potential time bomb with more nails.



ps. if you are reading this, i am sorry it means i wasn’t able to keep completely away, as you can tell by the tag it was my intent to have you read it but i didn’t want to burden you.