by writer in the dark




Today I would like to ask you about a couple of things.

So, are you done with modern family? I wish I was better at quoting things. I would love to laugh about the funny moments with you. How silly was Phil? Was Clare’s sarcasm gold? What did Clare’s dad have to learn to understand this time around? I miss our TV watching nights. Lately I have been thinking that maybe I should have pushed for other activities, step out of my comfort zone, show you a better time. Who knows?

I know you like the video about “the” getting its own letter. Do you think it is valid? Now I notice how many times I am using it (I just stopped to think of a better way to say that last sentence without using “the”). The video made me wonder about language and the way it evolves over time. if we adopt “Th” in the future we might one day be one of those old people who brag to their grandkids how things were different back in our days, about how hard we had it, how we had to use 3 letters to write “the”. I don’t know, my thought process is strange.

I don’t know why it took me this long to see the last two videos you posted on my wall. The community channel one about her fat cat in a wig. Lol it is so great. It is one of my biggest dilemmas, cross by myself like I would alone or wait for the other person who is not a skilled street crosser? The funny thing is that no matter how many times it happens my first instinct is to keep going, and I have to constantly mentally stop myself from leaving the others behind.  What a jerk, right? A bit of an embarrassing secret is that I kind of take pride on crossing the streets recklessly, like it is my skill that not everyone has.  I also caught up with the killers video. I guess by now you have watched it. It was quite killer…get it?  Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Something interesting I noticed about myself tonight is that I am a lot like Nat when speaking to my residents….most are not very amused by it though.

I guess I won’t drag this random banter much longer; I just really miss talking to you.

This has been in my head the whole day



ps. if you are reading this, i am sorry it means i wasn’t able to keep completely away, as you can tell by the tag it was my intent to have you read it but i didn’t want to burden you.