by writer in the dark




Today I want to tell you about your short story.

I love it; it is so vivid, it is so painful. I thought I could not love you anymore and then I read it. Your struggles, your valor, your strength; I knew you possessed them all along but I had no idea of just how much.  Admiration is but an understatement, I am a lion looking at the girl from Kansas. 

I don’t mean to sound insulting, as my life was pretty good, but I too know that lil’ person, it was much kinder to me I admit, but it still visited from time to time. Unlike you, I guess I just shoved it in the basement in a moment of anger, I can still hear it, especially this last couple days. I suppose your song distracted me from the underground cry of anger, of sadness. I know it wasn’t your job. I guess I just let it happen that way.

Very few times have I hurt so deeply without being hurt. It was as if I was a witness to the amazing tale. I hurt every moment almost as if mine; it is a weird feeling to empathize with the unknown, even if some parts were very familiar. I too want to hate her for all the pain she caused you, but I can’t, I could never hate you. I am very happy to know the girl at the other side of the bridge; she is one of the most amazing humans I have ever met, and my favorite person ever. I am very thankful for her, as she helped me out more than I could ever let her know :).

Today songs became spines, not piercing deadly, but like in a bed with not enough nails, slowly breaking the skin little by little. 



ps. if you are reading this, i am sorry it means i wasn’t able to keep completely away, as you can tell by the tag it was my intent to have you read it but i didn’t want to burden you.